The Dile was created to serve our member community for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and resources, both within the driver training industry and the wider business world.

Being an independent driving instructor can be a very lonely business. Who do you talk to when you’ve had a particularly challenging day? And who do you share with when that pupil you spent blood, sweat and tears to get to test standard, finally passes? They are overjoyed and you are elated. Only those within the industry truly understand and want to share with you. Other ADIs on Facebook may share the joy with you, but it’s not a particularly private place, is it?

The Dile, on the other hand, has closed membership. So you can be sure you are supported by like-minded individuals, including the many ‘experts’ who will be on the site to help you. The Dile is truly a sharing community. Not only will you interact with your peers, but expert members too will continue to help and advise you, long after their contribution via our monthly webinars has ended. If you are a new visitor to our community here, we truly hope you will stay and join us, because a very warm welcome awaits you!  

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