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Part of the Standards Check form, assessing the competence of all UK driving instructors

Are you concerned about the Standards Check? Think you know what is required but would like some quick and easy reassurance? Maybe you really don't know what is required, don't like to ask, and would just like something easy to help you to decide just how much further training, if any, you are going to need to help you feel more confident about your day-to-day training in relation to how you will be assessed by the DVSA.

With each email you will find an image of the relevant section of the SC1, the form used by the examiner. For you to understand the criteria the examiner will use to assess you on this form, you need to understand the actual 'standards' each refers to. So, unlike the former check test form, you cannot learn what is required from the SC1. For this you need to become familiar with the National Standards the SC1 uses to assess your level of competence. These emails will clarify this, and show you exactly which standards refer to which sections on the SC1, and you will quickly come to realise that each National Standard applies to more than one of the sections on the SC1 form.

Armed with this knowledge, once you have received all the emails, you can identify areas where you feel you need further help, and the Dile is here to help you to receive the appropriate help and support. Dile members may contact us at any time for help with the Standards Check or any other training or business related topic.

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