Is there a place for online learning for ADIs?

You have probably realised by now that the Dile is all about online learning, so it was inevitable that our next step would be to introduce training courses online. So far our webinars have largely been used as a platform to advertise the presenter's course or product, with some exceptions such as all webinars from Ed Marshall. From now on, these webinars will act as stand-alone training events for which there will be a charge. Dile members will find most of these webinars will be free to them, and where there is a charge, it will be significantly lower than the charge to non-members. For this reason, members will need to register for the webinars via the 'Webinars' section on the members' website.

I don't know about you, but when I first qualified I wanted to learn as much as I could from those who had been around in the industry for much longer. I wanted to know how to deliver better lessons and how to run a business, something being a school teacher doesn't exactly prepare you for, and I was truly useless! I attended DIA and MSA events, devoured their magazines, attended any relevant training workshops I could find, although there were some pretty questionable ones around at the time. I truly believe that has changed, and we now have a very good choice of workshop events all over the country, so that we are literally spoilt for choice! The DIA is putting on numerous courses, and I find myself wanting to go to all of them!  And therein lies the problem because it just isn't possible to attend all these and continue to earn a living!

So, enter the online world of learning.  We now have the opportunity to deliver courses online, at times to suit ADIs better. Instead of giving up a whole day, content can be covered in smaller chunks, meaning a full course could be delivered online over several 2hr sessions. Some ADIs may still need to cancel some lessons, but by delivering our training in the evenings, we hope most people will be able to organise their diaries so that they don't lose out on lessons. And instead of trying to remember a whole day's worth of information, you will learn in smaller chunks and have time between sessions to digest what you have learned so far.

So, watch out for details of our upcoming webinars in the weekly newsletter and on our Facebook page. There will also be a blog post ('sticky' so it will always appear first) listing the events, together with the registration links for those who are not members. Dile members will need to login to access their free registration (I will remind you with each listing!).

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