ADINJC 40th Anniversary Conference


The conference took place on Oct 6th 2013, with a special celebration dinner the night before.  The dinner celebrated the 40 years the ADINJC has been in existence, with a fun quiz at the start, many questions going back well before the 40yrs and Professor Peter Russell showing his memory is as sharp as ever (sharper than most in the room!).

The evening included the presentation of the 2013 industry awards, awarded to:

John Miller

Diane Hall

Peter King (this link is to the Dipod home page. Dipod podcasts are recorded in the studio in Peter's back garden!)

Kathy Higgins

Conference day brought us a wealth of speakers on a variety of topics:

Dr Lisa Dorn, Cranfield University, traffic psychologist, talked to us about driver behaviour, and a new app which measures smooth driving, distracted driving, speed, time of day.

Mark Magee & Lynne Fitzharris, DSA/VOSA

Nigel Botterill, Entrepreneur & business mentor/coach

Tom Kwok Dip.DI, Risk Management and the New Standards Check

We were also treated to presentations from Mark Midmer from RoadPeace, to whom the ADINJC presented a cheque for £1000, Diane Hall, who presented her tapping techniques for helping nervous drivers (see the video library for Diane's webinar on this subject); Kathy Higgins, eating her live frog again, ha ha, and Maj (ret'd) Toni Watkins-Burton B.Eng, MSc, who now runs Peeks LGV training in Lowestoft and Norwich; his 'view from the cab' was extremely interesting and informative (so watch out for a webinar from him in the not-too-distant future!).

I am a great fan of conferences like this, giving us all the chance to learn about courses and training available, to meet the trainers and network with other ADIs. One of the most valuable times you could spend. The Dile aims to follow the format of these conferences, so that you can continue to learn via the webinar recordings, attending the live events too if possible, with 'networking' done via the forums.

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