Automated emails

Get personal with automated emails

The advert may convince you that automated emails can give you that personal touch with your clients, but is that how your clients, or prospective clients see them?

I had some lovely feedback this week from one of my learner drivers. She was telling me about how she came to choose me as her driving instructor. She did her research online, looking for driving instructors in the Norwich area to suit her needs. She picked out, in her words, about 20 driving schools and sent an email request with details of what she was looking for and asking a number of questions. She was disappointed to find that they all sent back a 'standard reply', with her name added but nothing else personal, nor answering any of her questions. 

However, she received one reply that addressed her personally, told her she was going about finding an instructor in exactly the right way, and answering all the questions she had asked. That was it, she chose me! Why? Because not only did my website focus on her needs, but also the approach I had with her was completely personal to her - I sat down and wrote a reply to her email. As a result, I secured this lovely pupil.

This is basic customer service! If you are sending out automated emails in answer to driving lessons enquiries, then you have got it wrong! Your prospective customer needs to know they are the most important person at that moment, not that you are sending exactly the same reply to everyone!  Your automated email replies may make it look like you are a really busy instructor with no time to spend writing a personal reply, you are just getting so many inquiries, but that doesn't impress your prospects! You know the song - 'that don't impress me much'!

So, if you want to impress your prospects and get them signing up with you, then get personal!

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