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Free Webinar, August 15th starting at 8pm. This is the second in a series from Tony Lane, an ADI from Boston in Lincolnshire who also specialises in building and maintaining WordPress websites. He delivered his first webinar, a basic introduction to managing a WordPress webasite, back in May (you will find the recording in the video library in the members area of the site), so now we have the opportunity to delve into the 'magic' elements of WordPress which make our websites more interesting and personalised. Click to register

In this webinar, Tony will be showing us how to incorporate a blog on your site, how to have your choice of things in the side bars and the footer, using widgets, and how to add certain elements not available on the site itself by installing plugins. Sound a bit complicated? Yes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that, but the guys at WordPress have made it all so super duper simple for us! And Tony will lift the lid on these secrets for you. Click to register

He will also talk a bit about security, how you can best protect your site from those pesky invaders, those who deliver spam to your site, who seem to be able to get through everything you put in place! But Tony, as usual, has some solutions to help us, so I for one am really looking forward to that!

So, here are those details again:

Date: Thursday 15th August

Time: 8pm til around 9, may go on longer if there are lots of questions.

Register here.


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