Fresh Insight Conference – it’s nearly here!

The Fresh Insight Conference is being held at the Stobart Stadium in Widnes next Monday, August 5th 2013, and I for one am really looking forward to it. There is so much going on, with some surprises for us too, this is going to surpass even the Fresh Start Conference back in February!  A lot was learnt from that conference, principally I think that the format was right, so this one follows the same winning format, with some tweaks, and even more content. If you haven't already watched this video of the webinar Kathy delivered for the Dile a few weeks ago, then now's your chance to find out what will be at this conference, especially if you're booked in but don't know what to expect.

And if you haven't got your ticket yet? Well, I think it's getting close to a sell-out, but you may be lucky, so click here to apply.

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