LofaWay2BeatTestNerves Video Recording Uploaded

Diane Hall with her book in her driving school car

Help your pupils beat test nerves!

What an enjoyable and informative event we had last night at The LofaWay2BeatTestNerves Webinar! Diane Hall ADI, author of the highly acclaimed book 'LofaWay2Pass', demonstrates how you can help your pupils reduce their driving test nerves, as well as their nerves for specific situations when driving, such as hill starts. Using the tapping technique called 'Thought Field Therapy', normally referred to as simply TFT, you will see your pupils lose their fears, anxieties, stress and frustration before your very eyes!  Don't believe it?  Well sit back and watch this recording because one of Diane's pupils is in attendance and gives us her personal feedback of her own experiences!

Visit the LofaWay2Pass website for more information about Diane and this amazing technique.

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