Prepare for the new Standards Check in good time

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When people are scared about something, especially when that something involves change, they will make excuses and accusations to avoid embracing the change and/or facing their fears. The common 'excuse' for doing nothing with regards to the new SC is, "I have a good pass rate/my pupils recommend me so I don't need to do anything different", and a disappointing excuse for not taking any training is, "All these trainers are out to rip off ADIs!" This latter comment is the most insulting to all trainers and organisations who have chosen to offer help to the ADI industry as their way of earning income. It's like saying all ADIs are out to rip off learner drivers! However, I am preaching to the converted as you are reading this now. It was very interesting to see the large percentage of our newsletter recipients who clicked through to the DT1 Guide for Examiners in newsletter 17.14, an indication perhaps that this piece of information regarding steering was not so well known? To assist you in finding important documents from the DVSA, there is either a link to the relevant page, or a downloaded PDF document in the Articles section in the members' area on this website.

The DIA is a great supporter of the Dile because they see the value of what is offered - regular free webinars, the recordings of which are uploaded to the member website, costing just £5pcm, so we now have a wealth of video recordings relating to your business and your training in the video library. However, as stated above, whether free or paid for, all CPD takes effort on your part - Dile webinar recordings will require around 90mins of your time for each one (although the recordings can at least be stopped then returned to later). The Articles section contains a lot of important information from the DVSA, including the National Driver and Rider Training Standard. This is the standard you will be checked against in your standards check - you must meet the required standards in order to pass the standards check! Does what it says on the tin - checks you against the standards! Meet them or fail! So, become familiar with what is required and then set about ensuring you meet these requirements. No longer will 'cramming' some training in a few days before your standards check be sufficient! You have to be delivering to the standards NOW, on a daily basis, if you are to stand any chance of passing, let alone achieving a grade B!

BUT...don't panic (Mr Mainwaring!), help is at hand, without spending enormous sums of money or masses of time away from giving driving lessons. There's plenty to read, watch and listen to and pupils you can begin to hone your skills with. Believe me, once you start being client-centred and using coaching, together with traditional instruction as necessary in your teaching, you will soon find just how successful and rewarding this style of training actually can be! If you are anxious about it, it is only because you don't know enough! Join one or more associations (DIA, MSA, ADINJC, DISC), sign up to the Dile and listen to DIPOD podcasts (entertaining and informative). Then choose one or more training events to attend - this is where watching a webinar first will help you to make a more informed choice as to who suits you best. We recommend any Tri-Coaching course, the DIA's online coaching course, eDrivingSolutions courses, together with the book, "Can Drivers Really Teach Themselves?" by Ian Edwards, or any of the ADICPD Club courses with Neil Snow. And you should try to attend one conference per year as the networking opportunities alone make these worthwhile before you even consider the excellent speakers and all the tradestands! 

So, the help is all out there, just waiting for you to choose to accept it! Make this the year you take your business, and yourself, to the heights of true professionalism!

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