Road Safety Around Schools

Traffic sign warning of school safety zone where 20mph applies when lights are flashing

As driving instructors, it can be very easy for us to focus our attention exclusively on road safety for our learner drivers, and our youngest charges in particular. Road safety reports relating to the issue of safety for this particular group is, unsurprisingly, prolific. Here is just one example I found this week, targeting the safety of young drivers in the Worcestershire area: read it here

However, pedestrian safety, particularly around schools, another common road safety concern, seemed to be very much in the news this week. Here are four such reports I found:

Newcastle school bosses in talks with council over road safety measures  This report concerns a fatal accident involving a 'timid' pupil

Primary school campaign in Hendon to improve road safety  Here pupils are campaigning for a zebra crossing to help them cross a 'dangerous' road.

Pupils learn the bear facts about road safety  (newspaper typos, in the heading, corrected!). In this newspaper report we hear how a local authority is taking road safety education to prep school pupils.

Moray school road safety plan  "BANNING traffic and major engineering work is required to address road safety issues around schools" Some strong words in this report from Elgin councillors.

Residents step up road safety concern campaign  Away from the focus of road safety around schools, residents of the Lancashire rural villages of Cornholme and Portsmouth have had enough of trying to cross roads in their villages that have become dangerously busy with fast traffic and nowhere for them to cross safely. An interesting report that seems to illustrate just how much pedestrian road safety has suffered in this time of financial austerity for local councils.

We are working with young drivers all the time, and try to do our bit to help them to remain safe post test, but what about our efforts with regards to pedestrian safety? How often do we emphasise the problems faced by pedestrians as opposed to the dangers pedestrians might pose to our learners? Appropriate speed in villages, for example, where a 30mph limit may not exist.


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