Selfies, checking social media, texting, all whilst driving

Texting while driving, family crossing road visible in windscreen

What are we doing wrong? Time and time again I am offered learning content on CD so I can 'have something to do' while driving! People see driving as 'boring', time that needs to be filled with something more useful! Young, and not-so-young drivers don't seem to see any problem in checking their phones while driving, despite all the publicity about the dangers of talking on a mobile while driving, even hands-free. And yet it appears drivers believe they can text and drive, check social media while driving, and take selfies while driving! 

The problem is that drivers get away with it - it's a game of chance and the chances are they won't experience any negative consequences until...! The car is a cocooned environment which allows drivers to believe they are safe, it won't happen to them, they know what they're doing, etc etc! And yet these same individuals wouldn't dream of taking risks with their own lives in different circumstances. So what is it about driving that causes so many otherwise very sensible people to be so cavalier about their own and others' safety? Clearly we are not getting the message across if 33% of young drivers are prepared to take such risks. How many times do we hear grieving realtives on the campaign trail, insisting no-one else should go through what they are now going through, and doing their bit to raise awareness, but all too soon the 'fuss' dies down and more and more flowers appear at the side of the roads. No amount of criminalising mobile phone use seems to make the slightest bit of difference, so what are we to do?

I wish I had the answer! How about you? Or should we just await the full-scale arrival of the driverless car and find another job?!

One in three young drivers have taken a 'selfie' while behind the wheel

Mobile phone distraction set to become biggest killer on British roads by 2015



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