The Scammers Got Me!

Hand comes out of computer monitor and steals money!

Internet theft!  A scam!  "Never thought it would happen to me!" - isn't that what everyone says?  Well, it happened to me and I'm kicking myself!

I thought I'd done everything to protect myself, scoured the page for hidden smallprint, terms and conditions, nothing visible.  But this was a single page website, a 'landing page', and it was a clever scam!  Even though I discovered it before it appeared on my account, the bank could/would not comply with my request to reverse the payment I had not authorised!  It had to go to 'disputes'!  And disputes have to prove I didn't authorise the transaction!  Even though it's a known scam!  Even though they know that the terms and conditions, visible to them, are part of this scam, still I have to wait to find out if they will reverse the payment!  Currently all they will do is prevent any further payments being made!

I don't understand this - I am the customer!  Had there not been enough funds in my account at the time, then the bank would not have paid it, so why are they paying this now? 

The problem is the bank debit card, which seems to guarantee payment to the merchant, but not protection for the customer. PayPal protects the customer!  Which is why reputable merchants offer the option of payment via PayPal.  Our membership system is done through PayPal. It is safe, for you and for us. Any problems and I will do all I can to sort the problem out.  But when you sign up, do make sure you go through every step to set up payment to the Dile; you are not opening a new PayPal account, merely arranging for your payments to be made.

The Dile website also makes it easy for you to cancel at any time, and your payments are then automatically cancelled, with an email sent to me to let me know.  So please don't be afraid to sign up to the Dile!  I promise you your money is safe, PayPal has worked very hard since its early days to ensure that they are as safe as they possibly can be, monitoring activity 24hrs a day, 365/6 days a year! They are safer, more open and more honest, IMHO, than the banks!


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