Webinar: Effective use of iPads, tablets and technology

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Well, effective use of technology, what an interesting webinar presentation we were treated to last night!  To be honest, it got better as we got further into it (so often the case - think of books, films, TV series), and we ended the session with some interesting questions and interaction with attendees, 2 of whom had the chance to ask their questions directly to Colin when their audio was opened so they could speak. Thanks to Amanda and Andrea for asking their questions.

We were reminded just how far computing technology has come in such a very short time!  Colin's background is as a web developer, and so he brought this experience to his presentation. Cloud computing was clearly explained, reassuring us that our data is always retrievable, no matter the disaster with whatever technology we use, our PC or Mac, iPad or Tablet, or with our Smartphones, you will get back all your documents and, most importantly of all, that precious diary!

On the subject of diaries, Colin explained how his online diary system works, and how it helps instructors to capture pupils within their websites, by making it easy for them to book a lesson there and then. We know how lazy they all are!  They find an instructor, booking and paying is easy, and there's a free slot that suits them, so they book it!  Technology really helps us here!  But the instructor remains fully in control of the available lesson slots, although a brilliant suggestion was made last night with regards to fitting in pupils in the same postcode area on the same day, so Colin has gone away to consider how that could be achieved!

So, a great start to Colin's technology series. Next one is on June 5th, Selling Lessons Online, so head over to the Webinars page for the registration link. All webinars are recorded, but as with all things related to technology, issues can occur on the night (I might forget to press the record button!!), so if it's a topic you don't want to miss, do make sure you attend the live recording, when you will be able to see the presenter via webcam, which is not possible on the recording. After that, the recording will help to remind you of the things you learned so it all becomes more familiar. And, most importantly for some, you will be reminded just how easy technology has actually become!  Even for the technophobes amongst you!  Yes, we really are here to help.

Head over to Colin's website here.


  1. Jackie Willis

    Yes you can Stephen. All webinars are recorded and added to the video library on the site, normally within 24hrs of the live session, and so you can watch each recording as often as you like.  A great way to learn.

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