Which Root Will You Choose?

Man standing in front of tree roots shows their huge size

Do you know your roots from your routes?  This fleet registered ADI offering advanced driver training doesn't seem to judging by his website entry:

...a test for one and a half hours over a variety of roots...

Well at least it gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning picturing all thoses drivers on all those roots!

Further down the entry, although not a spelling error, this sentence also gave me a good laugh with the visual imagery it created:

...the two main courses that cover this...

hmm...not sure if I'll go for meat and 2 veg or fish and chips!

When teaching in a middle school years ago, I once asked a question in maths, along the lines of, 'What is the angle opposite to the right angle?' and, quick as a flash (but deadly serious!) a child answered, 'The left angle'!  Stupid question, great answer!

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